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Jesus final prayers for His church was that we all become one.  This course will discuss why that is important, how Christlikeness will lead to unity, why God hates division, and how unity in the Bible lead to victories and a great move of God.

Todd Miller

Professor of Deaf Dimensions Ministry


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Todd Miller felt the call to serve God at a young age.  At 16, he joined a traveling drama team that traveled nationally and internationally performing skits and drama at deaf camps, schools, and churches.  After that time, he enrolled and graduated from Deaf International Bible College with a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Studies.  Todd has served at churches in Wisconsin, Illinois and Pennsylvania.  He is currently the pastor at Connecting Deaf Fellowship, Audubon, PA. 

Our previous three manuals focused our attention on Christlikeness, humility and prayer. Each of these truths represent the foundational realities upon which true spiritual unity is built. In this manual we will see why God hates our divisions and why the unifying of His disciples was the passion of Jesus’ final prayers.

Click here to purchase this book. This book is required for the study of this course.

Chapter 12

Please note: In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, one course must be completed within 4 months. If signed up for all 6 courses, the time given to complete is 2.5 years.

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