Spiritual Warfare

This course will discuss the authority in Christ of the believer, hearing God’s voice, the gift of discernment, and the power of deliverance.

Robbie Godbold

Professor of Deaf Dimensions Ministry

Pastor, Evangelist and Missionary


VP: (904) 796-4132

Text/FT: (205) 267-9162

I was born and grew up in a Christian family in Alabama. I have been Deaf since I was 19 months old. I accepted Christ Jesus as my personal Savior in the summer of 2000 at the age of 16. I graduated from Southeastern Bible College with a B.A. in Biblical Divinity & Theology, and University of Montevallo with a B.S. in Deaf Education. I founded ASLOGOS Ministry, a vision that God gave me. I am married to my beautiful wife Laura and have 2 toddlers (Ezra 6 and Cindy 4).

This book explores the three arenas of spiritual warfare that the maturing Christian will face: the mind, the church and the heavenly places. It provides a foundation of insight, wisdom and discernment on the nature of the battle and the keys to victory.

Click here to purchase this book. This book is required for the study of this course.

Chapter 15

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