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  The purpose of Deaf Dimensions School of Ministry (DDSOM) is to prepare Deaf individuals to live a Christlike life using not only theological knowledge, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, they will learn principles in becoming unoffendable, how to work through trials and adversity, becoming intimate with their savior, learning to be lead by the Holy Spirit in prayer, relationships and spiritual warfare, among other truths.


    Welcome to DDM School of Ministry. In a Godless world, it is important that the light of Jesus shine brightly. The  heart for this school is to lead Deaf people to a deeper knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. They will learn how to hear His voice, how to live in the Spirit, and how to walk in the authority Jesus has given them. Individuals will learn about spiritual warfare, how to pray, unity, humility and what is needed to become Christlike. Click on Academics above and see the curriculum, application, and how to be a part of the school. 
    This school is affordable and students don't have to travel, because these courses are on line so they can take them in the comfort of their home. Plus, they are all in ASL. When the student finishes level one, a certificate of completion will be given. Students will not receive college credit for these courses. The difference is the focus on a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. That's the heart of DDM School of Ministry. Students will be ready to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ one on one and be lights to the world.

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