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Spiritual Growth Courses

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Conformity to Jesus Christ is God’s goal for every believer. This course will cover principles on how to transform into the image of Jesus Christ and experiencing His fullness. (Romans 8:29). Students will learn about how being made into His image by examining Christ’s suffering, spiritual warfare, and the importance of Christ’s words.

Offenses can lead to cold love. Students will learn how to deal with offenses, how they can be destructive through hurt and bitterness and how one can embrace the healing power of Jesus when offended. 

Humility is needed to pursue Christlikeness. Students will discuss the characteristics of the  humility and meekness  of Jesus and how to apply it to their lives, how it  gets God’s attention and aids us in our transformation.  (Isa. 66:2). 

Jesus final prayers for His church was that we all become one.  This course will discuss why that is important, how Christlikeness will lead to unity, why God hates division, and how unity in the Bible lead to victories and a great move of God.

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