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Conformity to Jesus Christ is God’s goal for every believer. This course will cover principles on how to transform into the image of Jesus Christ and experiencing His fullness. (Romans 8:29). Students will learn about how being made into His image by examining Christ’s suffering, spiritual warfare, and the importance of Christ’s words.

Mary Earl

Professor and President of Deaf Dimensions Ministry

VP Number: (401) 406-3368 (By Appointment Only)

Mary Earl has been involved with Deaf ministry since 1973 teaching a Deaf Bible study and interpreting in church,  which eventually lead to the establishment of Alpha and  Omega Deaf Church in Providence, RI. She has a masters degree in Christian education from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

In this first manual of In Christ's Image Training, the Holy Spirit sets before us the eternal goal of our salvation: conformity to Jesus Christ.

Click here to purchase this book. This book is required for the study of this course.

Chapter 12

Please note: In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, one course must be completed within 4 months. If signed up for all 6 courses, the time given to complete is 2.5 years.

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