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     The board of trustees is a group of people chosen because they have a heart for the Deaf and , most importantly, share the vision of Deaf Dimensions.  Each one on this board sought the lord for His will for joining the Deaf Dimensions team. They are people that seek His face and desire to be Christlike; people that desire His heart beat for this ministry. Each board member is in agreement with the vision of this ministry and the statements of faith. 


Mary Earl has been involved with Deaf ministry since 1973 teaching a Deaf Bible study and interpreting in church,  which eventually lead to the establishment of Alpha and  Omega Deaf Church in Providence, RI. She has a masters degree in Christian education from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. This led to the establishment of Zion Bible College Deaf program in 2000 lasting 10 years and graduating 7 Deaf leaders. Mary also created the public access Deaf Dimensions TV program which lasted 15 years. Mary is credentialed with the Assemblies of God. She is also a nationally certified sign language interpreter, CI, CT. Mary is married to Kevin and has three children and 3 grandchildren.


   Hello, my name is Danelle Babin. I am a board member for Deaf Dimensions Ministry. I am currently attending an interpreting program at William Woods University. I have been involved in deaf ministry since 2008 at various churches. Between 2015 and 2016, I was the treasurer for the South Georgia Deaf Community. I was also involved in children’s ministry for 15 years. Five of those years, 2010-2015, I was the children’s pastor for my church.  I am excited about the opportunity to be a part of Deaf Dimensions Ministry.


   My name is Karen Weimann. I am excited to join the board of Deaf Dimensions Ministry. I have been in support of DDM since the beginning. I have a Masters Degree in Special Education from the University of Connecticut. I was a Teacher of children with learning disabilities for 10 years. I was a Homeschooling mother 12 years.  

   I learned ASL  courses through American School for the Deaf, Gallaudet University, and the  Community College of Rhode Island. I have Participant in Total Immersion, program facilitated by American School for the Deaf for  4 years. For 5 years, I was a Private tutor of student from American School for the Deaf and enjoyed participating as a  Staff member with Rhode Island Silent Camp for 9 years.


   Connie accepted the Lord in 1977 after being introduced to Him by her neighbor, Mary Earl. Connie and Mary attended church together for many years until both moved to different communities. It’s because of Connie’s relationship with Mary that she developed a heart for the deaf. Connie met a number of students from the RI School for the Deaf while Mary was a teacher there. These students participated in church, church activities and Spirit-filled conferences and workshops along with Connie and Mary. Connie has had the opportunity to teach deaf youth and adults at workshops and various training events. Connie continues to be a prayer partner with Mary and remains invested in the work Mary is doing both regionally and internationally.

   Connie grew up in Barrington, Rhode Island and has a Master’s Degree in psychology. She has 2 daughters and 3 grandsons, all of whom are serving the Lord in Tennessee and Maryland. Connie currently lives in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and is the Executive Director of Northeast Kingdom Youth Services.


My name is Jeremy Roe. I am a board member for Deaf Dimensions Ministry. My wife, Samantha and I are located in Kansas City, Missouri where we serve at a deaf church, Northland Deaf Church. I am associate pastor there. I received my credential in Certified of Ministry with Assemblies of God in 2015. I am excited to see what Lord will lead us in Deaf Dimensions Ministry.


Hi, my name is Mary Tomasian. Years ago I was part of the team that laid the foundation of the Alpha and Omega Deaf Church in Providence RI. As a pastors wife of 20 years, I taught Bible study, led worship, and initiated a woman's ministry there.  I have been in Deaf ministry for 30 years, enjoying every minute.  I'm now the proud grandmother of 6 grandchildren. I love God.  He is good.

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