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    Hello and welcome to Deaf Dimensions Ministries. Why do we sign Deaf Dimensions this way? Well, it’s a sign that means looking up to God. That’s our goal, the deaf people all over the world will focus on Jesus. My name is Mary Earl. I am the president of Deaf  Dimensions Ministries.  Click on the links above and you will be able to see what we’re all about.

    You might want to partner with us and share with us in spreading the gospel to the Deaf people.  Isaiah 60:1 says “arise shine for your light has come.”  That light is Jesus Christ who wants to shine through His people on earth. That’s our goal that Deaf people all over the world will shine their light so that others will learn about Jesus.

    Check us out and click on the tabs at the top to find out who we are and what we are all about. So, go ahead and explore our webpage. God bless you!

Deaf Dimensions Ministries is committed to training Deaf people in the Scriptures, equipping them to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to other Deaf people and disciple them to be formed in His image. 

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